Other Areas of Occupational Therapy Assessment

Assessability offers clinical and complaint handling services in the following areas:

Disability Equipment Assessment

We undertake needs assessments and make recommendations for the following assistive equipment:

  • Manual and powered wheelchairs
  • Disability scooters (All classes)
  • Beds, chairs and special seating

Workplace Assessment

Assessability offers an occupational therapy workplace assessment that examines the physical and attitudinal requirements of a job and the extent to which an employee's personal abilities and resources match those requirements.

Such assessments often include recommendations for options to make reasonable adjustments such as possibly adapting a job specification and/or offering supportive equipment or services.

Policy and Procedure Complaints Reviews

Many complaints policies and codes of conduct call for an independent assessment stage within their process and we are happy to accept commissions to provide expert independent scrutiny of complaints relating to disability equipment and services.

close up of a person's hand on a wheelchair wheel
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