Occupational Therapy: Report Costs, Waiting Times & Payment Terms


We offer competitive fee rates. Since requirements and circumstances vary significantly from case to case, we invite potential instructing parties to contact us to discuss their matter.

We are always happy to receive details of a case and to provide estimates of cost, without obligation, in advance of instruction.

We can also provide whole case, Jackson compliant estimates of cost. These take account of all likely direct contact between injured party, legal representatives and expert witness, as well as responding to requests to answer Part 35 questions and contribute to a joint meeting of experts.

Instructing parties retain full control of cost since no work is undertaken without prior agreement.

Assessability is not VAT registered.


We will normally:

  • Respond to an enquiry within forty-eight hours
  • Visit an injured or disabled person within four weeks of instruction
  • Deliver a completed report within four weeks of the visit

Since the exact timing is governed by workload, we confirm the position initially on enquiry, and again on receipt of an instruction.

It is sometimes possible to undertake an earlier assessment visit in urgent cases.

Terms of Payment

Our normal terms of payment are for settlement within 30 days of the delivery of our report.

Deferred fee rates are available for cases requiring more extended settlement terms.

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